Here are the four main band members, as well the other musicians that I know of who have contributed to the Infectious Grooves. Got more info? Send email to sam@[thisdomain] and you could have a link to your page like Arron Merriman. Click on a name for info on that person.

The Infectius Grooves are:
Mike Muir - Vocals
Robert Trujillo - Bass
Dean Pleasants - Guitar
Adam Siegel - Guitar

Scott Crago and Stephen Perkins - Drums and Percussion on album 1 (and 2?)
Brooks Wackerman - Drums on album 3
Dave Dunn - Keyboards on album 1
Phil Kettner - Lead Guitar and Parts on album 1
Christian Gaiters - Clean Guitar and Parts on album 1
David Kushner - Lead Guitar on album 1
Rocky George - Lead Guitar on album 1
Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals on album 1

"Groovalisitic All-Star Back-Up Choir" (album 1)
Mike "Milk Bone" Jensen, Stephen Perkins, Robert Trujillo, Dean Pleasants, Allen "Mac" Eisenhart, Brad Davis, Nina, Scott Crago, Dave Kushner, Bobby Fernandez, D.J., Joe Slaby, Pam Wiedmann, Roger, Aladin "Sarsippius" Sulemanagic (Sulemanajic) Jackson the Third

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