Mas Borracho
  1. Citizen of the Nation
  2. Good For Nothing
  3. Lock It In the Pocket
  4. Just A Lil' Bit
  5. Borracho
  6. Good Times Are Out To Get You
  7. Wouldn't You Like To Know
  8. Going, Going, Gone
  9. 21st Century Surf Odyssey
  10. Please Excuse This Funk Up
  11. Fill You Up
  12. What Goes Up
  13. Leave Me Alone

    Pneumonia Bonus E.P.*

  14. Suicidal Tendencies - Su Casa Es Mi Casa (Muir, Clark)
  15. My Head - The Beard (Siegel, Silva)
  16. No Mercy Fool! - Choosin' My Own Way Of Life (Muir, Clark)
  17. Creeper - Rollin' in the Rain (Jensen, Nicholas)
  18. Cyco Miko - Strugglin' (Muir)

    * For additional information and lyrics, see the ST Website.

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